Memento Mori Blog 3

#3 A Game Changer

Despite the fact that both of my parents were elementary school teachers, I never really developed a tremendous love for reading.  As I began what I’d call the 2nd part of my life after my mom passed away, though, there was one book that did have a tremendous impact on my life. I’d like to share it with you here, in hopes that it may provide you, too, with a sense of self discovery, direction, and even enthusiasm for life. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior is the part autobiographical, part fictional account of college athlete Dan Millman’s quest for identity, clarity and spiritual truth.  To this day, I still refer back to some of the passages in the book because of the profound effect they had on me. “You can live a whole lifetime never being awake” and “There are no ordinary moments” are two of my favorite quotes. Maybe you will be able to find your own favorites as well...

Memento Mori is everywhere, in the everyday...you just have to look.

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